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Choose from common contract templates such as consulting or independent contractor agreements or a non-disclosure agreement. All of these have been thoughtfully drafted by lawyers, not by AI.

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Frequently asked questions

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    • Who are you?

      Magistrate was founded by me, Harry Khanna, a software engineer turned corporate lawyer. I have been practicing law for over 7 years, and every contract template available on Magistrate was carefully crafted by me.

    • What agreement templates are available?

      Right now, Magistrate offers templates for Independent Contractor Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, and SAFEs.

    • Are these agreements legally binding?

      These agreements have been thoughtfully researched and prepared by experienced lawyers. That said, we’re a tech company, not a law firm, so we can’t promise anything about the legal effect of the agreements themselves. We are very confident in our work product — Magistrate uses the product itself. But if you need legal advice, check with a lawyer.

    • I'm outside the United States. Is this for me?

      If you're outside the United States, this product isn't for you (yet).

    • Are you my lawyer?

      No. This is a software product and is not legal services. Nothing on this website is legal advice, and use of this website does not create an attorney-client relationship. Consult with your own attorney if you have questions about the law or your particular circumstances.

    • Can I use my own custom agreement templates with Magistrate?

      Yes! Contact us and we will get you set up.

High quality legal document templates

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Why am I doing this?

It's too difficult for small businesses to access high quality legal work without spending valuable money on lawyers who make sloppy mistakes or don't respond to your emails and bill you for the privilege.

I've drafted hundreds of contractor agreements in my private practice and thousands of NDAs. Each draft is so similar, but my clients' needs are just different enough that its impossible to use existing templating solutions which are limited to mail merge-like functionality. So I spend hours of my time and my clients’ money to do something that I know deep down software can do if only we had the right tool.

Magistrate takes healthy inspiration from the concepts and best practices of software development to make a product that makes it possible for people to get high quality legal work product without the cost of an expensive lawyer.

With these borrowed concepts from software development and new tooling, I see a future where lawyers and power users of the law can collaborate on legal forms with the same ease of opening a pull request. A future where governments publish legislation and trade associations publish model agreements and invite feedback from the public.

I hope this excites you like it excites me. There is so much more to say on this topic. Read more.

Harry Khanna
Founder and CEO of Magistrate

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