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Thursday, March 9, 2023

The Power of Automation: Magistrate's Zapier Integration is Here

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    John Kennelly

We have some exciting news to share - Magistrate now integrates with Zapier! This means you can easily connect Magistrate with hundreds of other apps and services to automate your legal documents. No more tedious busywork - our new integration makes it easy to streamline your processes and save time, without writing a single line of code.

This is something I couldn't wait to start using. My cofounder Harry is an engineer (in addition to being an attorney!), and I am decidedly not an engineer. I often turn to Zapier when I need to automate something in my day to day responsibilities. For anyone not familiar with Zapier, it’s a platform that allows non-developers like myself to build automations without any coding required, thus allowing folks to streamline their workflows and focus on growing their business.

When we decided it was time to build a Zapier integration to help companies integrate Magistrate’s powerful document creation platform into their existing workflows, the first question Harry asked me was "How would you use this integration?" Naturally, this got me thinking back to all the times I wished something about the process of getting a contract to a prospective client worked more smoothly. The more I thought about it, I remembered a process I’ve had to endure at nearly every stop in my sales career. That process would generally look something like this:

Prospect: "Hey John, we’d love to move forward with your solution, please send over a contract so we can sign it and get started ASAP."

John: "Great news, we look forward to your business! All I need now is the name of the person signing the contract, their title, the official legal name of your company, and the email address of the signer."

Prospect (hours later): "Sure, here you go John."

John: "Sounds great, I’ll get this information to our legal team and get you a contract for signature ASAP."

John to Legal: "Here you go legal, please put this information into our boilerplate contract so I can upload it to our eSignature platform."

Legal: "No problem! I only have 16 contracts in front of you so you’ll have this agreement drafted some time before the next Olympics."

John: "Oh, neat."

Also John: "Dear prospect, we have a bit of a legal backlog so I’ll be sure to send you this agreement ASAP, which might be a while..."

Prospect: "Oh, alright..." (meanwhile they are evaluating my competition and trying to get their problem solved more quickly than I am able to)

Thanks to Zapier and Magistrate, those days are over. I use Magistrate’s Zapier integration in a very simple workflow where a prospect fills out this Google Form, and as soon as they submit it, Magistrate generates a sales agreement and routes it for signature.

The Google Form John uses as a Zapier trigger

Now you too can effortlessly create and send sales agreements when a new deal closes in our CRM. Or generate an invoice in QuickBooks when a customer signs a contract in Magistrate. You can tie any of Magistrate's official blueprints into your workflows for free!

To learn a bit more about our integration with Zapier, check out our guide to integrating with Zapier. From there, create your Magistrate account and start automating away your busywork!

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