Magistrate's confidentiality agreement allows us to protect our confidential information with zero legal backlog.

Kelsey Willock, CEO @ Aura Finance

Protect What Matters Most.

Share confidential information freely without worry - send NDAs with Magistrate

In over a dozen years bringing new companies and products to market, protecting confidential information via NDAs has always been a big (and oftentimes painful) part of my day-to-day.

Whether it’s an idea or an entire company in its earliest stages, having a rock solid Confidentiality Agreement empowers your team and protects what matters most.

Unfortunately, since no revenue is directly tied to Confidentiality Agreements, I’ve spent more hours than I’d care to count waiting at the back of the legal queue for an NDA to be drafted before proceeding with sensitive conversations.

Thanks to Magistrate’s dynamic Confidentiality Agreement blueprint, those days are over. Keep momentum in your sensitive conversations and start disclosing sensitive information freely today!

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John Kennelly
Cofounder and Chief Customer Officer of Magistrate

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