As a consultant running my own business, Magistrate helps me avoid hours of busywork and saves me thousands of dollars a year on legal, allowing me to focus on running my business.

John Rivers, CEO @ JNR Holdings

Build your business without worrying about legal.

Whether you’re hiring 1099 employees to work for you, or billing your clients for your services, Magistrate’s Independent Contract Agreement allows you to generate and send contracts quickly and get right back to business.

Over the past 12 years I’ve worked at growing companies of varying sizes, but one thing they all had in common was that we often needed to hire Independent Contractors to help with overflow work.

Earlier in my career I’d simply agree verbally to terms with a contractor and get them started on a project ASAP. Without a written agreement, however, it became difficult to prove what was agreed upon and what a contractor was responsible for. This often led to misunderstandings and in the most extreme cases, legal disputes over work product owed and compensation discussed.

Upon arriving at Magistrate and partnering with my attorney cofounder, I finally learned the importance of having a written agreement with independent contractors. At Magistrate, we created the Independent Contractor Agreement to ensure we always have proper documentation in place for any future projects to avoid similar problems.

Now, we’re releasing the same Independent Contractor Agreement we use ourselves as an official blueprint to ensure our customers are protected as well. Protect yourself and your business and start sending Independent Contractor Agreements today!

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John Kennelly
Cofounder and Chief Customer Officer of Magistrate

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