Our sales team can finally close deals fast without our lawyers looking at every sales agreement.

Jacob Greene, Founder, B2B SaaS Startup

Get your sales agreements done in minutes.

Protect yourself and your business with our easy to use SaaS contract blueprint.

When I started Magistrate, I knew how important it was to have a legally binding agreement that covered all aspects of the sale.

The problem was that each customer had specific needs that had to be addressed in their own contract. That's why I created the Sales Agreement for SaaS blueprint on Magistrate's platform – to help streamline this process and make it easier for customers to get exactly what they need right away without having to spend hours going through legal documents.

It's based on the YC template SaaS Sales Agreement. Through this blueprint customers can quickly customize the YC template SaaS Sales Agreement to create an agreement with detailed terms and conditions that cover every aspect of their SaaS sale – from payment terms to warranties and confidentiality agreements.

Magistrate's online platform makes it easy and fast for us to create sales agreements with all the necessary details and conditions required for a successful SaaS transaction. By using Magistrate's Sales Agreement for SaaS blueprint you not only save yourself time and money but you also give yourself peace of mind knowing your transactions are secure and legally binding.

Try our Sales Agreement for SaaS today – make sure your transactions remain safe and secure while saving time!


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Harry Khanna
Cofounder and CEO of Magistrate

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