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This method of raising money with the classic startup fundraising document is genius.

Kipp Mueller, Attorney

It's How Startups Raise Money

Sign SAFE fundraising documents in two easy steps — and you're ready to wire the money.

When I set out to raise money for Magistrate, I knew I wanted to use a Simple Agreement for Future Equity, commonly known as a “SAFE”.

It's the classic fundraising document first published by YCombinator in 2013 and used by thousands of startups since then. But YC's website has 4 different Microsoft Word files that have to be combined and a 31-page explainer document.

I had to dust off my copy of Microsoft Word to put together the fundraising document I needed. Then, my investors and I still had to sign it. DocuSign to the rescue, I guess?

Startups are disruptive in nature, so its odd that the process for startup fundraising required Microsoft Word and DocuSign, two entrenched and expensive pieces of enterprise software.

Magistrate makes it easier.

  • Create the SAFE you need with easy to understand explanations.
  • Valuation Caps
  • Discount Rates
  • Warnings if you're doing something unusual
  • Send to your investors for signature on Magistrate

Magistrate lets you create and sign SAFEs fully online, so you can focus on building your product, not finding a copy of Microsoft Word.

I’d love for you to give it a try for your company’s next fundraise.


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Harry Khanna
Cofounder and CEO of Magistrate

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